The Philosophy of Chinese Moral Education

The Philosophy of Chinese Moral Education

A History

von: Zhuran You, A.G. Rud, Yingzi Hu

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 23.06.2018
ISBN/EAN: 9781137564344
Sprache: englisch

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The book depicts a unique historical and cultural phenomenon, the philosophy of Chinese moral education, in an attempt to capture the essence of Chinese culture. While tracing the historical journey of this philosophy, the book rearranges and interprets the conceptual frameworks concerning moral education in various Chinese philosophical schools and religions. In so doing, it summarizes the ideas of human relations, man and nature, cosmology, moral virtues, and educational approaches, posing intriguing questions about how they have influenced Chinese characteristics, social norms, and value orientations. In particular, the book brings up discussions on the culture of family and state, the challenges that the philosophy had encountered in early modern and present China, as well as the prospect of regeneration of the philosophy and its significance for our world today. This is the book to read if you want to have a deep understanding about China and its belief and educational system.
ForewordChapter OnePart One: The Era of Origin and Boom Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Part Two: The Era of Conflict, Adaptation, and Integration Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Part Three: The Era of Full Development and Transformation Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Part Four: The Era of Crises, Learning, and Regeneration Chapter Ten Chapter ElevenChapter Twelve
Zhuran You  received his PhD in Cultural Foundations of Education at Purdue University, USA. He is Professor of Education at Shaoxing University, China.   A.G. Rud is Distinguished Professor of Education at Washington State University, USA. Yingzi Hu is an instructional reform facilitator in the Office of the Provost at Shaoxing University, China. 
This book traces the historical journey of the philosophy of Chinese moral education characterized by conflicts, fusions, and transformations, which helps readers know the core of traditional Chinese culture, particularly its value system and its cultivation through this philosophical lens. Specifically, the book rearranges and interprets the conceptual frameworks and philosophical discussions concerning moral education of famous Chinese philosophers in various philosophical schools from a holistic perspective. It summarizes and analyzes the ideas of human relationships, people and nature, cosmology, life attitudes, and moral virtues from the standpoint of culture, posing intriguing questions about its influence on the characteristics of Chinese people, social system, and values orientation, as well as identifies the future trend of this unique belief and education system. This book contributes to a better understanding of the national mentality, spiritual world, and moral confusion of contemporary Chinese people under the impact of modernization and globalization.
First book to cover the history of philosophy of Chinese moral education in either English or ChineseProvides tools for Western readers to better understand Chinese culture through the perspective of moral educationFeatures the work of a Western-educated Chinese scholar and a noted American scholar who has expertise in philosophy of education to ensure the authoritative content of the book and meet the needs of Western readers
“This book accurately and comprehensively reflects the mainstream of traditional Chinese thought on moral education and will have interdisciplinary and international appeal for both Chinese and Western readers.” (Chuanbao Tan, Professor of Faculty of Education and Director of the Centre for Citizenship and Moral Education, Beijing Normal University, China)“In this complete guide to the philosophy and history of Chinese moral education, the authors not only introduce readers to China and its culture and education, but challenge readers to think about the big questions of human life in this global era too. This book allows both western and non-western educators to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary moral issues as well as solutions from multiple perspectives.” (Jiwon Kim, Assistant Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Educators Program, School of Education, Monmouth University, USA)

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