Selling For Dummies

Selling For Dummies

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von: Ben Kench

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Verlag: For Dummies
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 15.01.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781118489536
Sprache: englisch
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Get a handle on the most up"to"date selling strategies and techniques that will help you grow your business.  Are you looking to enter the world of sales, or are you looking for new tips and tactics to expand your business? Selling For Dummies gives you the latest information on how to research your prospects, master the steps of the sales process, follow up with happy customers, and much more. This straight"talking guide helps you develop the sales, communication, and negotiating skills you need to deliver successful presentations, win and retain customers, and get the results you want. Discover what selling is - and isn"t! Find out how knowing your clients sets you apart from the rest and helps you get to "yes" Use the seven steps of the selling cycle to score appointments, make a good impression, give winning presentations, address client concerns, close sales and more Get valuable tips on how to follow up and build a long-term relationship with clients Learn how you can sell well in any economy
Introduction 1 Part I: Laying a Solid Foundation for Selling 9 Chapter 1: Selling Is All Around You 11 Chapter 2: Working Through the Seven-Step Selling Cycle 23 Chapter 3: Selling and Your Mindset for Success 37 Part II: Doing Your Homework before You Sell a Thing 55 Chapter 4: Understanding Your Potential Clients 57 Chapter 5: Knowing Your Product 91 Chapter 6: Making Technology Your Friend 99 Part III: The Anatomy of a Sale 111 Chapter 7: Finding the People Who Want What You Sell 113 Chapter 8: Arranging Appointments That Stick 131 Chapter 9: Building Relationships and Gathering Information to Ensure Success 145 Chapter 10: Making Winning Presentations 169 Chapter 11: Handling Client Objections 191 Chapter 12: Winning the Business and Closing the Sale 205 Chapter 13: Getting Referrals from Your Present Clients 221 Part IV: Growing Your Business 233 Chapter 14: Following Up and Keeping in Touch 235 Chapter 15: Managing Your Time Efficiently 253 Chapter 16: Partnering Your Way to Success 275 Part V: You Can"t Win "Em All: Keeping the Faith in Sales 283 Chapter 17: Staying Focused and Positive 285 Chapter 18: Setting Goals to Stay Focused 297 Chapter 19: Selling in a Challenging Economy 309 Part VI: The Part of Tens 321 Chapter 20: The Ten Biggest Sales Mistakes to Avoid 323 Chapter 21: Ten Strategies for Improving Your Selling 329 Index 335
Tom Hopkins is a bestselling author and world-renowned sales trainer. Ben Kench is a business coach, motivational speaker and sales trainer who specialises in business growth.
How to generate more leads, win more sales, build your business and sell anything to anyone Everyone has what it takes to become a great salesperson. All you need is a desire to learn and a wise mentor to unleash the sales hero within you. In this updated edition of their bestselling guide, Tom Hopkins and Ben Kench school you in the sales, communication and negotiating skills you need to give successful presentations, win a loyal customer base and sell with success. Tune into your inner salesperson " find out why selling is as instinctive as smiling, and how to connect with and hone your inborn sales talent Communicate YOU " see why communication is about making a personal connection, and not just about conveying information Understand the anatomy of a sale " master the seven-step selling cycle, from finding customers to making appointments, and giving great presentations Negotiate like a pro " discover how to address concerns and make every negotiation a win-win situation Win the business, and more " get the lowdown on how to close the deal and build long-term customer relationships that grow your business Open the book and find: The truth about what selling really is " and isn't Cutting-edge techniques for researching prospects Priceless tips on setting goals and planning your time Follow-up strategies that build long-term relationships Ways to build partnerships that benefit your business Simple techniques for earning customer loyalty Techniques for selling in up and down economies The biggest sales mistakes to avoid Learn to: Master the selling cycle in seven steps Take advantage of the latest technology to improve your sales Build relationships that sustain and grow your business Sell in up and down economies

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